Saturday, March 20, 2010

Growing fast!

Milo had his two week check-up yesterday. He seems huge to me but he's only measuring 25th percentile right now. He got a clean bill of health with the provision that we don't hold him quite as much. Apparently his muscles are a little weak because he's not having to work them much. He's quite the little snuggle muffin! From now on we have to be sure to put him on his tummy at least twice a day for 15 minutes. Before I was averaging maybe once a day for ten minutes. He doesn't like it very much :( He's smiling and "talking" and of course his two favorite people are Jackson and Andrew. He finds everything they do to be hilarious. It's a lot of fun having a house full of boys - never a dull moment!

Big brother loving on Milo.

At the zoo.

Happy boy!

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