Monday, September 28, 2009

My current view

UPDATE: Went to ER this morning and it's not broken!!

This is what I'm looking at right now (when I look past the laptop of course). In case you can't tell it's my elevated, swollen foot which just so happens to be sitting beside an evil pile if bedding. You see, I'm always paranoid that I'm going to trip over something when I'm pregnant. Well, I didn't. At least not technically. I was carrying load of sheets out of my laundry room (which you have a step up into) when one of the sheets slipped down out of my arms. Next thing I know I'm stepping on that piece of sheet which then flies across my nice, new, slippery, laminate wood floors. Let me tell you, I am not an athlete. I have never broken a bone or had stitches that weren't a result of surgery. So I've never felt quite anything like this before. I remember falling in slow motion and my left foot just kept on bending, slowly, slowly, then two lovely snaps. Dizziness, pain, blood, and heat rushing to my throbbing foot. I was all very dramatic in my head. It hurt so badly that I couldn't tell if it was my foot or ankle at first. Scott was over having dinner with us and all three boys were staring at me. But I didn't cry. Okay, maybe a few tears snuck out later but that was when the sheer panic set in at the thought of having to care for my children like this. I resisted a trip the the ER. The kids needed to get ready for bed and it was getting dark, etc. Plus I'm a wimp and I need time to mentally prepare :) It's been almost two hours and I can say for sure now that I don't think it's broken. I can't put any weight on it but the throbbing has stopped. I'll most likely be good girl and go get it checked out tomorrow. My car is a stick so I'm going to try to drive Oren's. We'll see how it goes. Darn it - I was just beginning to be so productive with my nesting! :( I'll paint that dining room table yet!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trash or Treasure?

I was shopping at the thrift store Friday (I found Jackson a like-new Ninja Turtle costume!), when I decided to take a quick look in the furniture section. I came upon this old black piece labeled "vanity". I don't know if that's really what it is, but it was marked down four times to $15! Oren said when he and my Dad went to go pick it up and they gave the employee the ticket he laughed at my purchase. Apparently I am the only person who wanted it! There is a spot in the middle that I assume held a mirror. I'm planning on cutting some plywood and upholstering that section with fabric. I think it'll be really cute. What do you think - trash or treasure??

BTW: I haven't decided what place on my "vanity" yet - that plant and watering can were just handy.... I'm thinking pumpkins for October! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cupcake Adventures

Jackson had mentioned a few times seeing these Dora cupcakes they make on Noggin. He wanted to try them and today was overcast and blah so I decided - why not? We ended up making a couple shopping trips to pick up everything we needed. And of course our simple plan became a little more complicated when I was online looking for directions and Jackson saw all the the cupcake ideas for his favorite Noggin characters. He couldn't contain his excitement. I limited him three choices and he wore me down to four. Half way though the (loooong) decorating process Jackson decided that he was tired and wanted to take a nap. I felt the same way! As you can see I'm not an icing expert to say the least. I didn't even get any decorating tips so I used sandwich bags with the corners cut off to apply the details. In the end it was a fun adventure and it filled our day. I took a photo of one of each of our end product. They are: Ozwald, Diego, Miss Spider, and Olivia. Hope you all found something fun to do today too :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

It finally arrived! Today was the first day of school for Jackson. Since he went to Pre-K last year at the same school it wasn't much of a change for him, in fact his new classroom is directly across the hall from his old one. I don't have the proper sheets filled out from his doctor yet I still have to go in at 11:30 to give him his medicine. I'm hoping that after tomorrow I'll be done with that. For now I don't mind though - I'd like to check in on him and see how his day is going. His new teacher's name is Mrs. Ruble and she seems very nice. I was hoping for some sunny weather so maybe Drew and I could spend some alone time at the park or at least go for a walk. Unfortunately nice weather is not what we have today. My alarm went off at 7am to rain pouring and black skies. Because of this I didn't get a "real" first day of school photo. We took a couple at the front door but his book bag had already made it's way out to the car. Luckily Oren left the house late so I didn't have to bring Andrew out in the rain. So we finally make our way to the parking lot and run in with our umbrella and coats and huge bag of supplies. The children were all being seated in the hallway under paper apples with their names on them. Jackson's name was between Mariana and Isabella, who were both in his class last year so it really put him at ease. By the time I dropped off his supplies and turned to leave he was chatting with the girls, reading a book, and couldn't be bothered to look up when I said goodbye. That's okay though, I'd much rather him be happy and secure, that way I don't get teary!

Last beach day

Considering we live by the ocean - I'm sad to say that this was only our third beach trip this summer. Earlier in the season Andrew really didn't enjoy the process and spent the first two outings crying. Jackson really wanted to venture out one last time so we spent a lovely Sunday morning out on the sand. Luckily this tiem around Drew seemed to relax his anti-beach stand. After about an hour he allowed me to hold his hand a get his little toes wet. Other than that he was happy to play in the sand and watch Jackson. I was really glad that we ended the summer on a good note - maybe it will mean more beach trips next year!