Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What will happen next?

Yesterday I brought Drew to the pediatrician b/c he had been running a fever and I wanted to check out his ears. When we got there his temperature was 105! I've never seen a thermometer read that high before so I almost panicked for a second. They sent me to the CHKD ER to get some blood work done on him and make sure that he didn't have and infection or meningitis (they really like to freak you out!). It didn't help that it was 90 degrees yesterday and I had to drive him to the ER in our hot car. Poor baby - he was so miserable!

Long story short, we waited and waited and waited and finally were told it was a virus and keep up the Motrin/Tylenol rotation. Did you know you can alternate between the two every three hours? I thought it was every four so it was news to me.

Anyway - so thanks to Oren for watching Jackson and Sidney when I brought Drew in and thanks also to my Mom who took over babysitting so Oren could come keep us company in the ER. It was actually my first emergency room trip and my kids are five and one and half so I am thankful I've never had to go before. Hopefully there won't be a second visit any time soon!

After a night of deep sleep I woke this morning full of plans to finally complete some cleaning and get some chores done around the house. Jackson gets to school at 7:45; around 8:15 I get a call to come pick him up. He's broken out in a rash all over his body. Great. So I dosed him up with Benedryl and parked him in front of Noggin. Hopefully it will take care of the problem and we won't end up back at the pediatrician's office. I'm sure they love us! :) I suppose there's always tomorrow....

Update: Day THREE! Woke up with Jackson's face swollen even worse than the day before. I get online to finally finish up this blog, stretch back, and POP! My back goes out! I've never had this happen before and it's really awful. I can barely move and getting Drew in and out of his crib is nearly impossible! I'm letting the Motrin do it's job. Jackson has an 11:30 appointment for his face so I'd better start inching my way along. Sorry for the long, rambling post....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jackson in a nutshell.....

Sometimes you run across a photo of your child that just seems to sum them up. My cousin Megan sent me this photo that she took last weekend and I think it's funny b/c there's my sweet Jackson. All you have to do is look past the razor sharp teeth! Love him........

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Any Suggestions?

I just posted this on Facebook:

Okay - I just can't pass up someone else's junk sometimes. My mom's neighbor is renovating and threw out this side door. It is old, solid, original to the house and I love it. Now I just need to call on my ultra creative friends for some inspiration. Could I use it in the garden? House? Any cute ideas?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yes, we had Easter, too!

Let me tell you how the "Easter Bunny" does it at our house...

As most of you know Mr. Jackson is quite the busy body. I figured our years ago that if left to his own devices, he would devour his entire easter basket while I lay dreaming in bed. Because of this, when Jackson wakes he finds a plate where the Easter Bunny left the remainder of his carrot and an egg with a clue in it. Since Jackson can't read yet we have to help him by reading it aloud. This clue leads him to a series of eggs, eventually leading to where his basket has been hidden. This year the final location was in my bedroom, beside the dresser. It appears Mr. Bunny might not have thought out that spot too well. Although it was lovey to be able to watch the boys go through their baskets from the comfort of my bed, I'm not convinced it was worth all the time I spent washing the chocolate out of the sheets. Pretty messy!

This year was Andrew's second Easter, and the first he could enjoy with his big brother. He isn't normally allowed candy so it was really fun watching him grab for those jelly beans like he had discovered the best food ever! He actually laughed while eating them :) That afternoon we ate tons of yummy food at my grandparent's house. We played some board games - you can guess who won (What? You mean me? That's right!). All in all it was a wonderful day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Here are some photos from Jackson's class Easter Egg Hunt. Andrew had a great time both hiding and "hunting" for the eggs with the big kids. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where does the day go?

I remember when I worked full time thinking "What would I do with all that extra time if I stayed home?". Now I know:

Wake up, think of all the things I want to get done today
Collect dirty laundry, start washing machine
Feed squirming baby against his will
Begin process of unloading dishwasher
Pick up all the (now dirty) silverware Andrew grabbed and threw on the ground
Remove him from the top of open dishwasher door he climbing on while I was picking up silverware
Try to distract him with a toy in order to finish unloading dishwasher
Ignore the sound of magnets from fridge being thrown across the kitchen floor
Stop unloading when he rips Jackson's drawing into many pieces
Try to distract him with yet another toy
Frantically try to finish unloading dishwasher while his back is turned
30 minutes later: task completed!

Take items from dryer to fold
For every two items I fold, Drew grabs one off the couch and runs away laughing and dragging the now unfolded laundry through the house
Remove laundry from dog bowl, trash can, etc. and throw back in to dirty hamper..................

I'm sure you get where I'm going. Two steps forward and one step back.

I'm working on my patience.....and it helps that he's so incredibly cute while being such a busy little boy :)