Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All About Milo

At 19 1/2 months old Milo is still all baby. He has taken a few steps but isn't even walking consistently. Since he's the last baby of our family I can't say that I'm sad that he's taking his time growing up. He's an adorable, sweet, squishable, loveable bundle of love. He's the most timid of my children, spending a lot of his time observing others, yet doesn't hesitate to let us know (loudly) when he has a need. He loves french fries (something I would have never let Jackson eat at that age - oh how times change!). He can identify a wide range of television characters thanks to his brothers' television habits. Spongebob and Dora are his favorite. Although after watching an episode of Spongebob lately I'm thinking twice about that. I'll push more Dora :) And lets not forget about his funny faces. This kid can give some looks I have never seen before - and is particularly fond of scrunching up his entire face to communicate his dislike of something. Cuteness! If only he'd stay this little forever.


Janice said...

he's a handsome one anna! so glad you are enjoying him and loving him up as much as you can!

heidigoseek said...

we have to get these guys together!! milo is so cute (:

captron52 said...

He is so adorable!