Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Okay, by now all the snow has melted, but I took a couple photos so I would have proof that it wasn't just a dream! Even though it hasn't snowed here in a couple years, and as beautiful as it was watching the snow fall, we didn't really get out in it too much. Jackson played in the front yard for about 20 minutes and then was ready to come in. I was too afraid to let Andrew out because he was still getting over his infection and it was a really wet, cold day. He enjoyed watching his big brother from the window though! I'm off to get St. Patrick's decorations from the attic - yippie! :)


heidigoseek said...

it was good to see you at lunch today. if i don't get you the book before next week, i'll bring it to lunch on wed.

The Barton Family said...

St Patricks Day decorations!?!?! You are over the top! By the way you need to take those boys to Utah- my parents can't find their front yard. They would have a blast in that.

Anna said...

Hey - we're Irish - it's a big day around here!! :)