Monday, July 27, 2009

Old Wives Tale.......or not?

Today we had our third OB check-up. It wasn't too eventful as I opted not to take the triple blood test. I had gained only a pound in the last month so I was happy with that - if only I could keep it up for every month until delivery! Last time we weren't able to find the babies heartbeat but we were luckier this time around. The heart rate was 160. My OB commented that if we go by the old wives tale that means a girl. I don't remember what my boys heart rates were so I can't compare. Either way we'll know for sure in four more weeks!!

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Janice said...

My girls were always up around 160. This one likes the 140s. My mid-wife says she has had both... so... keep us posted. Maybe you'll get to buy some dresses this time around!