Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet Andrew

I can't believe my little baby will be two this fall! Although we have been experiencing some terrible two behavior - Andrew is still very good natured and happy. Toddlers are so much fun and so full of excitement. This month on the 17th he starts his speech/language therapy. We were referred to a nice program that comes to our house once a week for about an hour. A nice bonus is that their office is right in our neighborhood and they offer gymboree every Wednesday at 10:00am. I'm hoping that with just a little help Drew will catch up on his verbal and comprehension skills. He's actually starting to add to his vocabulary already - last week he said "elephant". It may not sounds exactly like that to just anyone - but I know. :) I would say he's saying over five words now which is a great improvement. I'm just waiting for the day when we're in the car and he's talking nonstop and I wonder why I ever wanted him to start!

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