Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

It finally arrived! Today was the first day of school for Jackson. Since he went to Pre-K last year at the same school it wasn't much of a change for him, in fact his new classroom is directly across the hall from his old one. I don't have the proper sheets filled out from his doctor yet I still have to go in at 11:30 to give him his medicine. I'm hoping that after tomorrow I'll be done with that. For now I don't mind though - I'd like to check in on him and see how his day is going. His new teacher's name is Mrs. Ruble and she seems very nice. I was hoping for some sunny weather so maybe Drew and I could spend some alone time at the park or at least go for a walk. Unfortunately nice weather is not what we have today. My alarm went off at 7am to rain pouring and black skies. Because of this I didn't get a "real" first day of school photo. We took a couple at the front door but his book bag had already made it's way out to the car. Luckily Oren left the house late so I didn't have to bring Andrew out in the rain. So we finally make our way to the parking lot and run in with our umbrella and coats and huge bag of supplies. The children were all being seated in the hallway under paper apples with their names on them. Jackson's name was between Mariana and Isabella, who were both in his class last year so it really put him at ease. By the time I dropped off his supplies and turned to leave he was chatting with the girls, reading a book, and couldn't be bothered to look up when I said goodbye. That's okay though, I'd much rather him be happy and secure, that way I don't get teary!

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