Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trash or Treasure?

I was shopping at the thrift store Friday (I found Jackson a like-new Ninja Turtle costume!), when I decided to take a quick look in the furniture section. I came upon this old black piece labeled "vanity". I don't know if that's really what it is, but it was marked down four times to $15! Oren said when he and my Dad went to go pick it up and they gave the employee the ticket he laughed at my purchase. Apparently I am the only person who wanted it! There is a spot in the middle that I assume held a mirror. I'm planning on cutting some plywood and upholstering that section with fabric. I think it'll be really cute. What do you think - trash or treasure??

BTW: I haven't decided what place on my "vanity" yet - that plant and watering can were just handy.... I'm thinking pumpkins for October! :)


LeAnn said...

What a fun treasure!

Janice said...

I wish I had your eye for decorating!! I would have passed it up.... but you found the perfect use for it (I would have never thought to upholster the middle section)! Which thrift store BTW??

Anna said...

I go to the Thrift Store USA I think. It's on Little Creek on the right just after you pass the Wal-Mart on Tidewater.