Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ear Tubes

On Andrew's third visit to the audiologist we decided that it was time for him to get ear tubes. Each time we went to the doctor he has had fluid in his ears. We're hoping that once it is fixed it will help his speech delay. It was a very quick outpatient surgery at CHKD. Of course I was still worried the night before - I am the mommy after all! :) Really though the worst part was the not eating or drinking after midnight - and his surgery wasn't until 1pm the next day! Besides a few grumpy moments he really didn't complain too much - they had lots of fun toys in the waiting area for him to explore. Some of my old co-workers came down to visit which was really nice. I miss them! The hospital has made some nice upgrades since we were there with Jackson almost six years ago. My favorites were the Wii in the waiting room (yes - Oren and I played) and also this system where they assign your child a number and then have a computer screen where they let you know what stage of the surgery your child is currently in. Andrew's number was 7055 so when it popped up on the screen I got excited and took a photo. I didn't see anyone else doing this so maybe I'm strange. I don't know :) Anyway, not five minutes after it said he was in the OR Dr. Hood popped in and said that he was done and that everything went smoothly. Since it was such a fast and quick procedure, Drew didn't have to have an IV or even change out of his clothes. He was a little fussy when he woke up but as soon as he had a drink he was fine and within fifteen minutes we were heading out to the car. I can't say that I didn't stress a little - but overall it was about as easy as a hospital procedure can get! Thanks to all my family who kept us in your thoughts and prayers (and for watching Jackson)!


Janice said...

I'm glad that all went well! I guess you'll find out soon if they are working like they are supposed to?

heidigoseek said...

missed you today. i hope everything is going well. you need to stay out of the hospital at least january :)