Friday, January 22, 2010

Milo Joseph

I know I'm really late - and most people have already seen these photos on Facebook - but I'm updating my blog anyway. Baby boy #3 Milo arrived as scheduled on January 13, 2010. He was born at 7:32am weighing 8lbs 5oz and measuring 20.5 inches long. As usual the anticipation was really the worst part. I didn't sleep at all the night before and actually started crying when we reached the maternity ward. Lucky for me I had a great anesthesiologist who talked me through the entire procedure and I managed to avoid panicking during the procedure. We stayed three days at DePaul and have now been home almost a week. Although I don't feel 100% things are getting better every day. It's sad when you look forward to being able to clean the house again :) It's been fun having another baby in the house, Jackson and Andrew are both doing really well with the addition. Whenever Andrew comes home from an outing or wakes from a nap the first things he does is look through the house to find the baby. I thought Milo was going to be a little fussy but since I've started supplementing with formula its been a breeze. He's just a hungry boy! Here are a few photos of him:

Brand New!

One day old.

Waiting for Daddy to bring the car around.

First car ride.

Big brothers loving me for the first time. No siblings in the hospital due to swine flue so they had to wait three days :(


Marie said...

Congrats Anna! He is sooo cute! I hope you are all getting enough sleep! (:

Brooke said...

Way to go Anna! He is so precious! and I love, love his name.

LeAnn said...

Congratulations, Anna! He's adorable!

Janice said...

congrats! i am glad all went well. he weighed about what hunter did - only milo was longer. handsome boy.

The Barton Family said...

YAY!! I am so glad he made it here safe and that you are doing well. Sorry I am late seeing this. I hope all continue to go well. We miss you guys and wish we could meet the two new men in your life.

Anna said...

Thanks everyone :) So far so good - life isn't that different with three. Of course we'll see what I say when all the help dries up!