Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grown-ups like to play too!

So was Oren was telling me about a dream he had last night about playing skeeball at Jillian's and using some new technique that launched the ball into the 10,000 hole every time! (It also involved P.Diddy but I'll leave that part out :))

We both thought it was really important to test out this theory so we decided to go up to Waterside for lunch today. We've only been with Jackson before so it was fun to be selfish with all the points!

Of course I won (MINE is the one on the left - guess the dream was wrong!)

With our tickets (265) we bought some candy...

...and I was a happy camper :)


heidigoseek said...

skee ball rocks! especially when you win:)

Anna said...

When I win the lottery I'm buying two of them, to go into my new mansion of course :)

Little Hensley Fam said...

I just want to know how p. diddy and skee ball go together?? ;)
Glad you had fun!