Friday, December 26, 2008

Mixed Christmas...

There was a little of this:

And a lot if this:

Christmas began promptly at 6:30am. Jackson woke up and immediately wanted to see whether Santa had eaten his cookies or not. I could hear in his voice how excited he was! He ran straight for the plate - not even looking to see if there were presents under the tree. Things went well until I noticed that my camera batteries were dead and my charger was missing....a mom's worst nightmare! I got exactly four very quick photos before it died. I wanted to cry but I reasoned with myself that it wouldn't have helped the situation to get upset about it. We had the video camera going so it wasn't a total loss. I still had a great time watchign Jackson and Drew open gifts.

Fast forward to 9:30am. We're getting ready to go to my parent's house and Jackson says he doesn't feel good. As soon as we get there he rapidly declines - saying his ear hurts, crying, and so on. It was sad. From there I went to take Jackson and Drew to see their other side of the family. Jackson fell apart and said he didn't want to stay. He wouldn't even open gifts. Luckily they understood so Andrew had his first visit alone. Durign that time Jackson came home and took a nap so it actualyl worked out well.

Fast forward to 2:40. I'm walking into my grandparent's house with green bean casserole, diaper bag, and kids in tow (I'm late of course). We had a blast visiting, eating, and playing games. Although he still wasn't interested in openign any more gifts, between the Tylenol and Scott's mere presence, Jackson perked up. By 6:30 we were heading home, happy but exhausted.

Fast forward to 8:00-9:30. Andrew is crying hysterically. From the drool pouring out of his mouth I can only assume he's cutting another molar. He would not be consoled. I tried walking, bouncing, rocking. Oren tried flying him around, bouncing, etc. Nothing worked. It was so upsetting. Suddenly I remembered that with Jackson I would have to drive him to get him to sleep (see - Drew really IS a good baby - I haven't have to try to driving trick until now!). After a few loops around the neighborhood he fell asleep.

So like I said - it was a mixed Christmas. I'm sure in a couple years we'll forget the tears and only rememebr the smiles! We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

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Little Hensley Fam said...

I'm sorry hon! That stinks that he has an ear infection! Glad you still had some fun though!